The Game of Curling


What is the object of the game?

The object of the game is to put as many of your stones closest to the center of the "house" (the goal or scoring area) while preventing the opposing team from doing the same. The stone closest to the center of the house (the "button") determines which team scores. A point is scored for each rock closer than the opposing teams' nearest stone.

How many players on a team?

There are four players on a team.While each member of a team takes turns delivering the stone, and individual skills are important, every player has a role in every single shot.

What equipment is needed?

Each player needs a broom, and for delivery some sort of slider on one foot.If you wish, you may use the club sliders and club brooms -- you don't need to buy anything. Special grippers are available and are a good idea if you're more than an occasional curler.Curling shoes are available. They're designed to grip the ice, and have the slider built in. Best thing about Curling Shoes? They're warm. Most of our League Players have their own brooms. At nearly every club worldwide, the stones are provided by the venue, not by individual players.

What are the rocks made of?

Granite. Most of the modern stones come from either Trefor, in Wales, or Ailsa Craig, an island off of Scotland. The Granite must have a tight grain, be free of cracks, and not absorb water from the ice.

How long is a game?

A typical league game (or drop-in match) takes two hours.

What is sweeping for?

Sweeping changes the surface of the ice (exactly how it changes is open to debate) and both extends and straightens the path the stone will follow. Good sweeping can extend the distance as much as fifteen feet.

What is "pebbling" and why is it done?

The ice is "pebbled" by sprinkling it with warm water, which then freezes. This leaves a surface similar to the smooth pebbles in the bottom of a stream. The pebbled surface is lower friction, making the stones move faster and easier.

What is "The Spirit of Curling"?

The Spirit of Curling is the best part of the game. Each match starts with a handshake and you wish the other team "Good Curling!" During the game, there is a strong emphasis on good sportsmanship. Each player calls his own fouls. When the other team makes a good shot, compliment them, critical comments are strongly discouraged, and almost never heard. Afterwards, you congratulate each other on a game well-played, regardless of the outcome. If you have a beverage afterwards, winners buy.