Week 5 Results

7:20pm Draw

Sheet B

The first game of the night was between Rock Lobster and Sweeping Beauties. Rock Lobster won the Hammer and took the first end by three. After taking the second end by a point, Rock Lobster gave up three to the Beauties. Sweeping Beauties then took the fourth end by a point to bring the game even after four ends. The Lobsters took the fifth and the sixth, both by one point. Sweeping Beauties mounted a comeback in the seventh, taking that end by a point to head into the eighth down by one, but giving their opponents the Hammer. The comeback was cut short as Rock Lobster took the eighth end by 3, winning he game 9-5.

Sheet D

Millar and Rink Luisi were both looking to rebound from losses last week when they squared off in the second game of the early draw. In a similar fashion to what they experienced the week prior, Rink Luisi jumped out to an early lead by taking the first end by three, and the next two ends by one each. Rink Luisi followed by taking the fourth end by two, to lead 7-0 halfway through the game. Team Millar began to pick up momentum and took the fifth end by one, and the six end by two to bring the game closer heading into the final end. The seventh end went to Millar, but they fell short of completely closing the gap. Rink Luisi won 7-4.


9:20pm Draw

Sheet A

In Da House took on Hot Buttons in the first game of the late draw. Hot Buttons won the Hammer and in a case not yet seen this season, the teams blanked the first end. The second end went to Hot Buttons by two, and they took the third end by one to lead by three. In Da House responded in the fourth, closing the gap by taking three. In Da House then took the fifth and the sixth by one point each. The final end of the game, the seventh, went to In Da House, who took another three points, winning the game 8-3.

Sheet C

Los Raspados took on the Shamrocks in the second game of the evening. After winning the Hammer, Shamrocks took the first end by one. Los Raspados responded by taking the second end by one as well. Shamrocks then went on a scoring spree taking the third by four and the fourth by two. Los Raspados took the fifth by one, but Shamrocks closed the game out taking the sixth by two and the seventh by two, winning the game 11-2.

Sheet D

The final game of the night was the first place team, McBride, against Hammer Time. Hammer Time had been bribed deliciously convinced by members of Rock Lobster to beat McBride, so much was on the line for this particular match. After losing the Hammer, Hammer Time stole the first end by one. The team then went on to take the second, the third, and the fourth each by one to lead the game by four at the halfway point. McBride then put up their first point in the fifth, taking that end by one. McBride began to pick up momentum and took the sixth end by two to bring the game within one. The seventh end is presumably where the tires fell off for Hammer Time McBride took the seventh by four, to lead the game by three going into the final end. While Hammer Time did take the eighth, they were only able to take it by one, much to the dismay of the orange-garbed crowd that had returned to cheer them on. McBride won the game 7-5.