Week 4 Results

7:20pm Draw

Sheet A

The first game of the night featured The Shamrocks taking on Sweeping Beauties. After winning the Hammer, Sweeping Beauties won the first end by taking two points. Shamrocks then countered by taking the next end, also with two points. To continue with the current trend, Sweeping Beauties took the third end, also by two points. To come up with their next two points, Shamrocks took both the fourth and the fifth end, to tie the game at four. In the sixth end, Sweeping Beauties put three stones in the house to take the lead. Shamrocks came back in the seventh, putting up four points to lead the game by one. Sweeping Beauties were not able to come back in the end, surrendering the eigth end, and the game, to the Shamrocks. Shamrocks won 9-7.

Sheet C

The second game of the early draw put Hot Buttons up against the recently renamed Los Raspados, who were still looking for their first win as a team. Los Raspados won the Hammer in the toss, but gave up the first end by two, and the second end by one. In the third, Los Raspados began their comeback, taking the third and the fourth ends each by a point, to bring the game within one after four ends. Unfortunately, that was the last time Los Raspados was able to score. Hot Buttons took the fifth by two, then the sixth and seventh by one each. One of the members of Hot Buttons remarked during Broom Stacking that “the game was much closer than it looks on paper”. Hot Buttons won 7-2.


9:20pm Draw

Sheet B

The first game on the second draw time had Hammer Time playing against their “skip on sabbatical” and his new team, Team Millar. However, due to the President’s Day weekend, Ken was coincidentally “out of town on business”……… Nick stepped in to fill the very-vocal shoes of the absent skip and filled the two empty spots with ringers the Lemmis. Hammer Time won the Hammer and took the first end by two. Hammer Time then took the next end by two, the end after that by one, and the end after that by two, leading the game by seven after four ends. Millar then put up some points by taking the fifth end by two points. Hammer Time responded by taking the sixth end by a point, and Millar took the seventh by one as well. Hammer Time won 8-3.

Sheet C

Rock Lobster was looking to stay in the lead of the league and squaring off against In Da House. Rock Lobster, without the matriarch and patriarch pulled in two subs to help fill out their ranks. After winning the Hammer, Rock Lobster won the first end by three and followed that by winning the second end by two. In Da House took the third end with a point, but surrendered both the fourth and fifth end to Rock Lobster for a point each. In Da House won the rest of the ends, taking the sixth by one and the seventh by two, but that was not enough to take down the orange machine known as Rock Lobster. Rock Lobster won 7-4.

Sheet D

McBride was looking to regain the top spot as they took on Team Luisi in the final game of the night. Team Luisi was without their namesake due to an emergency appendectomy (as if there is such thing as a voluntary appendectomy). McBride won the Hammer and the first end by three. McBride then followed that by taking two points in the second and three points in the third. The fourth end was taken by McBride, who put four stones in the house, and then the team took the fifth end by one point to lead the game after five by twelve. Rink Luisi spoiled McBride’s shutout by taking the sixth end, but conceded the seventh to McBride. McBride won 13-1.