Week 3 Results

7:20pm Draw

Sheet B

The first game of the evening heading into the Presidentís Day weekend break put the second place team, Rock Lobster, against Los Raspados, formerly known as Team Luis. The Lobsters didnít waste any time taking the lead, putting up 4 points in the first end while having the Hammer. Los Raspados came right back and took the second end by one, but gave up two in the third to their opponents. In the fourth end, Los Raspados put three in the house to bring the game back within two, but the Lobsters took the next two ends each by one, leading 8-4 at the end of the sixth. Los Raspados tried to make a comeback, winning both the seventh and the eighth ends, but fell two points short. Rock Lobster won 8-6.

Sheet D

In Da House set out to take on the mustachioed Rink Luisi in the other early draw game. The game took an atypical start by blanking the first end, but In Da House took the second end by one. After giving up the Hammer, In Da House stole three points in the third end, another point in the fourth end, and two more points in the fifth end to take a commanding 7-0 lead heading into the sixth. Rink Luisi crushed the shutout bid in the sixth by taking that end. In Da House won 7-1.


9:20pm Draw

Sheet A

The first game of the second draw pit Millar against Sweeping Beauties. Millar won the Hammer and put the first point of the game up on the board, taking the first end by one. Millar then stole the next end by one, after giving up the Hammer. Sweeping Beauties came back to take the third end with one in the house. Millar, with the Hammer, took the fourth end to lead the game by 2 halfway through. The second half of the game looked like it was going the way of the Beauties when they took the fifth end by 2 to tie the game, however, Millar had other plans. Millar took the next two ends each by one point, and then finished the game by taking two more in the eighth. Millar won 7-3.

Sheet C

It was the Shamrocks chance to take down the first place team, McBride, when they met on Sheet C. Although McBride won the Hammer, the Shamrocks took the first two points by one each. McBride then made up for lost time by putting up 4 in the third. The Shamrocks came right back and took one in the fourth, and stole one in the fifth to tie the game at 4. McBride then caused a little dťjŗ vu for the Shamrocks when they put up another 4 points in the sixth end. The Shamrocks came right back by winning the seventh end, but gave up the eighth to McBride. McBride won 9-5.

Sheet D

The final game of the night was between Hammer Time and Hot Buttons. Hammer Time was looking to bounce back from their loss the week before and Hot Buttons was looking to continue their one-game winning streak. Hammer Time won the Hammer and then gave up the first end to the Buttons for a point. Hammer Time then had the Hammer again, and used it to put up two points in the second end. Upping the ante on the back-and-forth end-winning action, Hot Buttons dropped 3 points on M.C. Hammerís minions in the third, to lead the game by 2. Hammer Time responded by matching Hot Buttonís achievement and dropped a three-ender on them, to lead the game by one. Hammer Time then stole the next end with a point, and followed that by taking the sixth end by two, to lead by 4 points going into the seventh, and last, end. Hot Buttons did their best to break through the blockade established by Hammer Time and took the seventh by two, but it was not enough to secure the win. Hammer Time won 8-6.