Week 1 Results

After what some considered a long “off-season” between seasons, OC Curling Club got back in the swing of things Saturday night for the first game of the Winter season.


7:20pm Draw

Sheet A

In Da House took on the silver medal holders from last season, Sweeping Beauties for the first match of the season. In Da House won the coin toss and started with the Hammer, taking the first end by one point. Sweeping Beauties got the Hammer but were unable to capitalize and gave up a 5-ender to In Da House in the second end. But don’t count our Beauties out just yet – in the third end they started their comeback – they took the next three ends, each by a point. In the 6th end, however, In Da House dropped a 4-ender on Sweeping Beauties and the teams shook after that. In Da House won 10-3.

Sheet B

On Sheet two was Team Luis – newcomers to the club – taking on McBride. McBride won the hammer and gave the new team a warm welcome to the club by breaking out to a 4 point lead in the first. Although fairly green to the game, Team Luis would not give up easily – they took 2 from McBride in the second end. In what looks like a bad case of déjà vu, McBride put up another 4 points on Team Luis in the third end. After blanking the fourth end, Team Luis took the fifth by a point. McBride finished out the game in the sixth end by taking another point. McBride won 8-3.


Sheet D

Hammer Time took on the heavily-bearded Asher and his team, Team Luisi on sheet 4. Hammer Time won the Hammer and also the first end, taking two points. Team Luisi came right back in the second end with two points. Hammer Time responded in the third by posting a point and Team Luisi came back in the fourth with a 2 point end. The back-and-forth game between these two teams continued with Hammer Time taking a point in the 5th to tie the game at 4, and predictably, Team Luisi took a point in the sixth to break the tie. Hammer Time went into the seventh (and final) end hoping the back-and-forth win-swapping would continue, and to their pleasure, they posted the largest end of the night between the teams – 3 points – on Team Luisi, winning the game 7-5.


9:20pm Draw

Sheet A

The first game of the late draw welcomed Millar and Rock Lobster back to curling. Millar took the first end by one point. The orange-clad crustaceans came back in the second by posting a point of their own. Millar responded by putting up points in both the third and the fourth end, to lead the game by 2. Rock Lobster took the fifth end, posting one point to the board to bring the game closer. The sixth end was the end that may have changed the game – Rock Lobster took a commanding 4 point lead by capturing the sixth end. Millar staged a comeback and won the next two ends by one point each, but they fell one point short of tying the game. Rock Lobster won 6-5.

Sheet C

Shamrocks took on Hot Buttons on sheet 3 for the final game of the night. Hot Buttons won the Hammer but Shamrocks stole the first end, posting one point. Shamrocks put up another two points in the second, but Hot Buttons staged a comeback to tie it up in the third. In the fourth end, Shamrocks scored three points to give them the lead once again. Hot Buttons took the fifth end and the sixth end by a point each, bringing the game closer, but Shamrocks would not let them back in the game and took the seventh and eighth ends, both by one point. Shamrocks won 8-5.