How do I get started curling?

So you're ready to give curling a try, but you aren't quite sure how to get started, right? Well, here's how to get involved!

Step 1: Learn how to Curl

Before you can curl, you need to learn how to do it. Sounds easy enough. And it is!
You can learn to curl in one of two ways. First, attend a Learn To Curl class. These are 2-hour sessions where students are taught curling skills, and are offered regularly by the club. For more information, and to register, click here.
Another way to learn to curl is to plan a group curling event. A session of curling is perfect for birthday parties, team-building, or other celebrations. You will learn curling skills and be able to play a short game. And it will count as a Learn To Curl class! To schedule an event, click here.
If you've ever curled before, you can skip this step. However, they're both available if you'd like a refresher. All are welcome!

Step 2: Start Curling!

Now that you've learned to curl, all doors are open to you at the club!
League Play - The curling league is the main part of our club. It is open to all curlers, and new curlers are always welcomed and encouraged to join. Leagues are 9-weeks in length, usually with 3-4 weeks inbetween seasons. Occasionally there are Beginner's Leagues, which are tailored to those individuals new to curling or hoping to hone some of their curling fundamentals. For more information, and a schedule of leagues, click here.
Substitution for League Play - Not ready to jump right into a league? How about filling in for a league team when they need a sub? It's a great way to get some league play in without committing to a new season. Simply sign up on our sub list and you'll receive emails whenever a skip needs a sub. Then you can work the details out with them directly and hopefully get a chance to come curl! Please note that opporunities depend on the need for subs and the response from those on the list. To register as a sub, sign up in the column on the right side of this page.
Drop-In Curling - Between league seasons, the club hosts Drop-In Curling sessions. These sessions are a single night of curling where you register, show up, form a team, and play. It's a very casual pick-up game format and another opportunity to curl. These events are advertised through our mailing list. To sign up to receive these updates, click here.
Now you know how to get involved in this fun sport. So give it a try. We welcome you!
Good curling!
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